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End of the 10th edition of Bata Agro

The 10th anniversary edition of Bata Agro was opened by Minister Porozhanov.

During the official opening, he presented information that during the current programming period, the Agriculture sector will receive EUR 8.5 billion, which will provide new investment opportunities for the farmers.

For example, over the past period, 84% of the funds were used for purchases of agricultural machinery. In the current period the trend is similar.

In 2017, 218 exhibitors participated in Bata Agro and in spite of the new proposals for the livestock sector, this year the focus remained on the variety of machines.

It is precisely the need for proper usage and quality maintenance of the new machinery that more and more farmers are choosing quality fuels with clear origin. Dieselor offers high-quality diesel fuel with all the necessary documents. Thanks to the persistence and stability and the lack of problems, farmers who start working with Dieselor, easily become loyal customers.

During Bata Agro 2017 Dieselor met a large number of interested representatives from the sector. The team responded to their questions, advised them and had many new contacts.

Visitors of the exhibition said they were happy with this year's edition and with the variety of the proposals.

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