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Load fuel and save money from the Annual Technical Control!

Timespan: From 25.02.2015 until 31.12.2016

Coverage: Sofia

Every year all drivers inevitably visit the Annual Technical Control - a mandatory requirement for everyone!

To facilitate its customers, Dieselor, Sofia, offers a gift voucher for a discount for the Annual Technical Control!

Every time that you refuel for 30 leva - for cars cat. M1 or for 50 leva - trucks cat. N1, you will receive a gift voucher for 6 leva for ATC in Technostroy.

Especially for you, Dieselor and Technostroy are partnering, so that you save money and meet the requirement at the same time:

  • Cars cat. M1 - 36 leva instead of 42 leva
  • Cars cat. M1G - 42 leva instead of 48 leva
  • Trucks cat. N1 - 54 leva instead of 60 leva
  • Trucks cat. N2 and N3 - 66 leva instead of 72 leva and 84 leva

Not only that! Technostroy is extremely well-located for all of Dieselor's customers in Sofia. You will find it on 4 "Amsterdam" boul., right behind the petrol station. Working time: Monday-Friday from 8.00 am till 5 pm.


This promotion applies to the following sites:

  • petrol station Dieselor - Sofia, 4 "Amsterdam" boul.
  • Annual Technical Control Technostroy - Sofia, 4 "Amsterdam" boul.

 Duration of the promotion: from 25.02.2015 untill 31.12.2016.

* Validity - until the end of year 2016. After you have used the voucher, you must leave it to the staff in Technostroy. 


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