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Low prices for everyone in petrol station Dieseor, Novi pazar

Timespan: From May 22, 2020

Coverage: Novi pazar

Low prices, affordable for everyone!

Refuel at the Dieselor's petrol station in the town of Novi Pazar at special promo prices with a big discount included! No minimum quantity, no need of discount card, accessible to all customers!

  • Gasoline - 1.45 lv/ l
  • Diesel - 1.45 lv/ l
  • Topdiesel - 1.55 lv/ l
  • LPG - 0.68 lv/ l

Hurry up!


The promotional activity applies to the following objects:

  • Novi pazar, 39 A "Tsar Osvoboditel"


Period of the promotion: from May 22, 2020

Dieselor has the right to stop the promotion at ay time by pubishing the information on the official website.

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