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Types of diesel

Diselor provides wholesale deliveries of diesel fuels throughout the whole country for various purposes - agriculture, transport, heating, manufacturing, etc.

Depending on the needs, diesel could be with or without biofuel in it, for transport vehicles, off-road machinery, or diesel generators, with different sulfur content and with different cold filtration limit temperature - for up to -15*C and up to -30*C.

If you are unsure what is the right diesel fuel for you, contact our team on our national phone +359 885 306 305, send a direct inquiry through the website or by email to

Diesel B6/ diesel (CP-10) B6

Diesel B6/ diesel (CP-10) B6 is the fuel that is found in the petrol stations for vehicles with diesel engines. According to a Directive of the European Union, it contains 6% biodiesel with the purpose to lower the harmful emission. 

  • Diesel B6 - for up to -15*C
  • Diesel (CP-10) B6 - for up to -30*C

Diesel/ diesel CP-10

This fuel lacks the biodiesel component. It is used for transport and machines which move off-highway - e.g. farmers, logging, tractors, etc.

  • Diesel - for up to -15*C
  • Diesel CP-10 - for up to -30*C

Other products

Liquid fuels

Dieselor perform wholesale and retail supplies liquid fuels, including low excise diesel heating fuel everywhere in the country.
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