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Dieselor - fuels for exacting customers

Our trade activity is concentrated in two main directions:

  • Delivering fuels for transportation purposes to customer's warehouses and reservoirs.
  • Fuelling and sales through retail business-focused outlets.

Liquid fuels

Dieselor performs wholesale and retail supplies of liquid fuels, including diesel for heating, in whole the country.
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Types of diesel

Dieselor provides delivery and transport of diesel fuel without compromise. Wholesale and retail of diesel B6 / diesel (CP-10) and B6 diesel CP-10.
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LPG is available in petrol stations Dieselor in Varna, Novi pazar and Stambolijski.
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Dieselor OK

Dieselor OK is a special fuel additive developed for diesel. It improves the overall performance of the vehicle, prevents the engine from the risk of overheating and abrasion.
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