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Customers that chose Dieselor

  • Our customers value the reliability and safety we provide them with.
  • We work with leading transportation and construction companies.
  • Our customers are among the companies that are annualy nominated and awarded in prestigious contests such as 'Transporter of the year' and 'Building of the year'.
Stefan Bojkov, owner, Deva Trans Ltd.

We, from Deva Trans, are completely satisfied with our collaboration with Dieselor. For more than 5 years we rely on their accuracy, professionalism and honesty as a supplier on which we depend. Fuel quality, flexibility, quick reactions and expert advices make them our preferred partner, that we strongly recommend to all interested companies and individuals.

Stefan Bojkov, owner, Deva Trans Ltd.

As a transport company, at Napreduk Ltd., we insist on the highest quality and best price conditions. We are pleased to work with Dieselor as they provide security to our business and they always meet our expectations. The individual attitude and the responsiveness of the team in various situations are remarkable qualities and they have proven to be a reliable partner. Work with Dieselor brings beneficial results with all parties. With many years of experience in the field of fuel trade, Dieselor has saved us time, cost and complications on numerous occasions!

Mitko Dimov, owner, Napreduk Ltd.

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