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Gas stations

Gas station Varna


The presence of Dieselor in Varna started in 2007. In the same time, with its new location, this is the youngest object, which opened in 2013.
The petrol station offers a full range of fuels: gasoline A95H, diesel, high-quality Topdiesel and LPG. In addition, there is AdBlue for the needs of heavy transport vehicles.
The object has a rich shopping area with a variety of goods – hot drinks, accessories, soft and alcoholic drinks, cigarettes and packaged food.
At a pleasant atmosphere there is a coffee area indoors and outdoors where customers rest, drink coffee and refreshing drinks, satiate their hunger or just read a free magazine provided by Dieselor.
Our smiling and energetic employees fully cooperate for additional services like washing windows, checking tires, checking oil and giving advice on additives, oils, liquids, etc.


Gas prices

Gas station Varna, Varna

Prices, valid from November 09, 2019

А95Н 2.24 лв.
Diesel 2.28 лв.
Topdiesel 2.38 лв.
LPG 0.88лв.

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