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Discount card

As of July 09, 2022, all discount cards Dieselor issued to individuals or legal entities, as well as all virtual discount cards from the Cardbox app, are TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED! Learn more here!

Dieselor's Club Cards for bonus points remain active through the physical plastics, as well as through the Cardbox app, where you can continue to upload and use your existing bonus points cards.

Also, you can continue to take advantage of the fuel discounts with our partner card Dieselor-Toplivo at SNG petrol stations! Take your fuel discount card for the partner petrol stations of Dieselor - preferential discounts in 40 partner sites*!

  • 0.05 BGN/ l for gasoline and diesel
  • 0.02 BGN/ l for LPG.

Learn more and declare your card here or at every petrol station Dieselor!

*Filling up with partner car Dieselor-Toplivo in petrol stations SNG is limited to once per day.

**If you want to be informed in due time, give your consent for this when filling the application form.