Dieselor Club Card

All customers of Dieselor's gas stations are welcome to take part in Dieselor Club Card program.

Program's conditions are as follows:

  • You can take your Club Card from every Dieselor's petrol station.
  • Hand your Card to the operator when fuelling so that bonus points can be marked.
  • Every litre of fuel, gasoline, diesel or LPG, adds 1 point to your Card.
  • You can trade your collected bonus points for big discounts on diverse goods at the petrol stations: car accessories, foods & drinks, etc.
  • You will find a big variety of gifts and discounted goods that can be traded for your bonus points.Take a promo code for 5% or 7% discount when shopping appliances, instruments and gifts from the biggest, Bulgarian online shop: www.electron.bg!
  • You can ask information about the amount of bonus points you possess as well as the discounted goods available at every petrol station.