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Gas station Plovdiv


Petrol station Kosmos, situated at the entrance of Plovdiv, is part of the chain since 2005.
Its location makes it convenient for the residents, the local business and for vehicles passing through the city or the highway.
At this site customers can load gasoline, diesel and Topdiesel and there is AdBlue for the heavy vehicles.
In the store you can buy hot drinks, accessories for your vehicle, soft and alcoholic drinks, cigarettes and packages food.
Every customer can count on assistance from our kind employees – for washing windows, checking tires, checking oil, consultations for choosing additives, oils, liquids, etc.

Gas prices

Gas station Plovdiv, Plovdiv

Prices, valid from January 27, 2023

А95Н 2.55 лв.
Diesel 2.89 лв.
Topdiesel 2.99лв.
AdBlue 2.29лв.

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Plovdiv 4003, 139, Vasil Aprilov Blvd.

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