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Topdiesel from Dieselor

We started selling a high-class diesel fuel at our gas stations. Topdiesel from Dieselor has supreme characteristics due to basic fuel and specially selected additives.

  • Up to 5% fuel economy can be achieved with topdiesel within entire engine working range.
  • Topdiesel gives engine better dynamics and more power.
  • More silent engine operation and lower harmful emissions are real results of using Topdiesel.
  • Topdiesel from Dieselor secures easy and reliable engine start throughout the whole year, and especially in winter.

Topdiesel fully meets the standards for diesel fuels in accordance with the Ordinance on the quality requirements for liquid fuels, terms and methods of controlling them. Its technical specifications correspond to those of Diesel B6, but thanks to its composition, Topdiesel provides a number of advantages.


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