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Big discounts at Dieselor's petrol stations and over 40 more objects in the country

A unique offer for retail and wholesale customers, from individuals with one car to owners and managers of medium and large fleets with transport in the country and abroad! Take advantage of the partnership between  petrol stations Dieselor and SNG Toplivo stations and refuel with a discount when and where it is most convenient for you!

The same irresistible discounts, more objects at your disposal!

Get our partner card for discounts Dieselor - SNG exclusively from Dieselor and use the same attractive discounts of 10 st./l for gasoline and diesel and 5 st./l for LPG, which you take advantage of with us, but now in the huge network of all 40 petrol stations of Toplivo – SNG as well!

A complete list and map of Toplivo sites can be found here**.

If you are a corporate client, contact us and you will use the same favorable financial conditions both from Dieselor and from the sites of SNG Toplivo.

To request a discount card online you need:

• Download and fill in a registration form and declaration of consent signed by you and send them photographed or scanned to Find them attached below.

• Within 14 days* you will be issued the requested partner card for fuel discounts Dieselor-SNG with Dieselor's preferential terms.

• You will receive your cards from the Dieselor’s site that you have indicated. You need to receive it in person and sign the application.

You can also apply for our partner card on the spot at any station of Dieselor.

For more information, send your questions to

* Due to the state of Covid-19 pandemic in the country, the term of issuing and handing over the cards may be extended.

** Excluding SNG sites in Knyazhevo and Trebich.

*** Filling up with partner car Dieselor-Toplivo in petrol stations SNG is limited to once per day.

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