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Caring for the environment

Considering Dieselor’s main activity, the ambition to reduce our footprint on nature and the care for the environment are an integral part of our daily work.
In our work we take into account objective factors such as legal regulations, and subjective factors like the social responsibility to employees, customers and environment.
Environmental legislation is of big importance when trading with fuels: Law on environmental protection, Law on waste, Law on clean air, Law on energy from renewable resources, etc.

Besides the legal framework, we stick to our beliefs and follow own corporate principles:

  • Care for the society – we comply with ethical and moral standards. We know that at the top of the pyramid is the human, and ultimately we are also part of the society. Both in our daily activities and long-term plans, we always bear in mind the health, comfort and well-being of the others.
  • Safety and environmental care – besides our daily activities, we strive to protect nature by keeping strict procedures and controlling all aspects of our work. We instruct all employees how to adhere to the new practices and we invest in more advanced and environmentally friendly equipment.
    Our new trucks for fuel supplies are much more economical in terms of consumption and much more ecological in terms of emissions.

In addition, we optimize the transport routes and choose the shortest one. Thus, we further reduce harmful emissions and the senseless usage of resources.

In all petrol stations Dieselor there are bins for separate waste collection. Used paper is stored in the offices and when needed it is reused, while the useless one is brought for processing. When buying new paper, it is recycled with a certified origin. We encourage the compliance with the principles “Do not print, save a tree” and “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle”.

What is more, Dieselor is the first Bulgarian chain of petrol stations that installed a charging station for electric vehicles. Drivers of electric vehicles can charge their cars free of charge in Dieselor's petrol station in Novi pazar.

We pursue our business objectives in a socially responsible way for the society. We have a commitment to improve the environment where we live in terms of human, social and environmental dimensions.

In summary, we do our best to contribute to a better future with our impact and environmentally responsible behavior. As a result of these measures, we achieve environmental benefits such as reducing energy consumption by using energy-saving technology, minimizing the spread of harmful emissions in the air, maximizing the usage of renewable resources.

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