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Continuing to work with Dieselor Varna through partnering petrol stations in Varna

Dear Customers and Partners,

Due to the termination of the work of Dieselor's petrol station in Varna, we offer you the opportunity to maintain our partnership relations by loading fuel in partnering sites in Varna.

The benefits for you are:

  • Convenient location - petrol stations located near the current site of Dieselor Varna.
  • Keeping the financial conditions - discounts and payments in time and amount as before.
  • Keeping communication - keeping in touch with the same representatives of Dieselor as before.
  • Receiving the same individual attitude, correctness and care as before.
  • Avoiding the risky and time-consuming process of searching, rebuilding, changing, adapting and adjusting to new conditions and suppliers.
  • Guaranteeing the quality of the fuel and service you will receive from Dieselor's partners through constant control - technical, laboratory, mystery client, feedback, etc.
  • Permanent channel to provide feedback to Dieselor and prompt reactions as needed.
  • The convenience of loading in the other five petrol stations of Dieselor in Sofia, Plovdiv, Plovdiv Customs, Stamboliyski and Novi Pazar, plus the partner's network of sites.

In order for us to continue working together as described above, it is necessary:

  • Legal entities can directly start refueling at the partner's premises after confirmation to a Dieselor representative with whom they contact.
  • Individuals can also request and benefit from discounted prices.

For more information, contact Dieselor's team in Varna, phone +359 88 849 01 91.

You can also request an issuance of a card at every site of Dieselor or by sending the forms below to

We are at your disposal!

Best regards,

Dieselor's team

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