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Departmental stations will not put electronic system with fiscal memory and level indicators

Instead, a separate procedure for declarations will be established. This is provided by the project, published by the Ministry of Finance on 02.02.2015, for changes in Regulation N-18.

Stations, using fuel for their own needs, are obliged to declare a number of circumstances, listed in 10 points, by using an electronic signature or a personal identification code (PIC) within a specified period.

This declaration will be repeated when there is any change in these circumstances. Thus, departmental stations are taken out of the general regime of reporting as petrol stations and they will not be obliged to put electronic systems with fiscal memory and level measuring system.

The adoption of this project will mean that owners of departmental sites will not be required to invest significant resources. In return, they will have to submit a large amount of information through the website of the NRA. 

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