Fuels for exacting customers

Since our main purpose is the customers’ satisfaction of our products and services, in 2015 an external company carried out an independent research among Dieselor’s clients – corporate, individuals, buying from petrol stations and receiving deliveries.
After seeing the results, we can proudly announce that Dieselor achieved its goals and successfully wins the customers’ satisfaction. See for yourselves:

Business clients receiving fuel deliveries:

  • 96% report highest level of satisfaction with the whole set of evaluation criteria – in other words, 8 out of 10 boast that are fully satisfied with Dieselor.
  • 95% feel fully satisfied with the fuel prices given from Dieselor.
  • 92% feel fully satisfied with the payment terms.
  • 91% are completely satisfied with the quality of the fuel.
  • 99% are completely satisfied with the punctual deliveries, the short periods for the supply and the quick reaction.
  • 98% refer to Dieselor as a partner that can be trusted.
  • 98% are fully satisfied with the service and attitude they receive from the sales team.
  • 91% feel absolutely satisfied with the service they receive from the professional drivers.
  • ¾ of Dieelor’s customers would recommend the company to colleagues and friends.

Individual customers and corporate clients buying from petrol stations Dieselor:

  • 84% of Dieselor’s customers are completely satisfied with the quality of the fuel.
  • 94% of our clients in petrol stations Dieselor are fully satisfied with the service. They specify that the staff is polite and friendly and the service is fast and correct.
  • 86% claim that they don’t find disadvantages and flaws of petrol stations Dieselor and they can’t point out recommendations for improvement.
  • The main reasons for choosing petrol stations Dieselor and being loyal to the chain are the fuel quality, the perfect service and the available promotions.

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