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National protest against a new law on fuel

Today a protest against the adoption of the Law on the administrative regulation of economic activities related to oil and petroleum products, also known as the Law on fuel, is taking place in Sofia.

There will be a second reading in the National Assembly, so many representatives of small and medium-sized traders and transporters of fuel have gathered to express their disagreement on the adoption of the law.

Hundreds of tankers from all over the country came to the Ring Road near Kazichene. They held a peaceful procession in a column longer than 5 km. They drove from Kazichene through the North Tangent and the Ring Road to the wheel at the beginning of the Lyulin highway and back.

After officially expressing the company's opinion on the expected consequences in media not long ago, Dieselor also joined the protest.

Thus, small traders and transporters of fuel express their disagreement on the financial and administrative burdens foreseen in the law, which will overburden them with obligations. At the same time, they are also strongly protesting against attempts to be presented to the society as criminals and offenders - as described by the media and by the lobbyists who claim to be fighting the gray sector.

The protests continue today and tomorrow in front of the the National Assembly.

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