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New requirements for the ESFM come into force

Dear customers,

As of September 21, 2017, the amendments to Ordinance N-18/2006, promulgated in the State Gazette, no. 76 of Septeber 19, 2017, come into force.

These changes introduce new requirements for the electronic systems with fiscal memory (ESFM) with regard to their approval, commissioning and verification by the competent authorities. The most important changes are:

  • The ESFM must be sealed and available only to certain service technicians through a service key registered from the National Revenue Agency.
  • The ESFM must be shut down in case any element is not working.
  • The commissioning of ESFM will be done after the submission of a block diagram and the associated components to the NRA and after an inspection by the NRA and BIM (Bulgarian Metrology Institute) to approve the scheme.

The transitional provisions foresee a period of around one year (until September 30, 2018), in which the ESFM must be brought into line with the new requirements, and the users will start working with the compliant systems.

There is one month period (until October 23, 2017) in which the users of the ESFM are obliged to provide electronically to the NRA a block diagram of the existing ESFPs and all the components, the links between them and the locations of the sealings (Transitional Provisions, paragraph 31, paragraph 2).

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