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Notification to customers about the operation of petrol stations Dieselor in connection with the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Customers and Partners,

In connection with the oncoming spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), we at Dieselor are introducing more stringent safety measures in the operation of our petrol stations. Please observe the following requirements:

  • Maintain minimal contact with Dieselor's employees as well as with other customers on site.
  • Make sure that the distance between you and other people is more than 1m, except at the end of the sale when paying at the cash zone.
  • If there is already a customer at the checkout, please wait at least 1m away, preferably outside the trading room.
  • Be patient and follow the instructions of the employees of Dieselor.

We look forward to your understanding and assistance, and we believe that together we will overcome the difficulties we face in the current situation.

With respect,

Dieselor's team

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