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St. Todor's Day with fuel in the blood and Offroad Club Stamboliiski 4x4

As a partner of the increasingly successful Offroad Club Stamboliyski 4x4, Dieselor has the great pleasure to invite all avid fans of off-road to the amateur competition organized by them. It will be held on March 12, 2022, St. Todor’s day!

From generation to generation the Bulgarian people pass on the legend of St. Todor, who puts on nine cloaks, rides his horse and goes to ask God for summeron this day.

St. Todor’s day is a long-awaited holiday, on which the traditional “kushii” are held - the Bulgarian version of horse racing.

This year Offroad club Stamboliyski 4x4 challenges everyone who wants to join them at the training ground in the village of Novo Selo, where the kushii will not be held with horses, but with jeeps and ATVs.

There will be a lot of emotions and a desire to win, for which the participants will have to deal with orienteering on a 21 km long route. The route is fast, a combination of straight sections for high speed and also technical sections for skills. Next, there will be a closed track for shows for the audience.

As in every competition, there will be many prizes and gifts for the finalists - in turn Dieselor will delight not only them with fuel, but in the finals, there will be a raffle for the other participants!

The race on the occasion of St. Todor's Day will become a real holiday, in which there will be a lot of fuel in the blood, and the adrenaline will reach maximum speed!

Everyone is welcome as participants or as an audience!

Participation fee: BGN 10

When: March 12, 2022. (Saturday)

09:00 - Start time of the event and registration of the crews.

09:30 - Crew briefing.

10:00 - START !!!

Where: training ground in the village of Novo Selo:,24.473729

If you want to take part in the race, contact the organizers on one of the following phones:

0888 783 374 - Joro Alexiev

0894 403 380 - Iliya Toshev

0888 657 673 - Iliya Rabotov

We look forward to having fun together and celebrating the holiday appropriately!


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