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State compensation of 0.25 BGN/ l

Dear customers,

From July 09, 2022 we are starting to provide the state compensation of 0.25 BGN/l.

To take advantage of it:

• Your vehicle must be a passenger car, motorcycle or moped (categories M1, incl. M1G, and L).

• Your vehicle must be owned or used by an individual on the registration card.

• You must provide the registration card to our staff before each charge.

• You can fill diesel, gasoline A-95H or propane-butane without limit of quantity, only in the tank of the vehicle, paying in cash or with a bank card.

• You will receive an invoice (extended receipt) for each charge, in which the vehicle number must be entered. The invoice is only for the refilled fuel and the compensation is provided in the form of a discount.

• The invoice is official only for the compensation purposes. You cannot use it for tax and reporting purposes, nor receive any other type of invoice or receipt when charging.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

Sincerely yours,

Dieselor's team

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