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The agricultural fairs in Dobrich and Stara Zagora were successfully completed

For Dieselor August and early September passed under an agricultural theme with the annual fairs.

Both exhibitions again proved the active work in the sector and showed increasing interest from the Bulgarian producers to this type of events.

Dobrich and the 24th edition of "Agriculture and everything about it" welcomed visitors at the new location. 93 companies-exhibitors participated in the fair and the flow of visitors were mainly from the region.

Immediately after the traditional Dobrudzha event, Bata Agro 2016 Autumn started in Stara Zagora. With over 180 companies, positioned on 35 000 sq. meters area, the 9th edition attracted farmers from the whole country. Minister Taneva welcomed the guests and attendees:

"Despite the difficulties, the climate conditions and the low prices, Bulgaria experienced annual growth in the cultivated areas, in the volumes of all sub-sectors and even had an increase in the number of the registered farmers. Thanks to the new technologies, we are competitive on the European market."

Dieselor's team is satisfied with its participations in the thematic events, with the interest to the company, with the great number of meetings with farmers from across the country and with the opportunity to respond on site to all questions and ambiguities.

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