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The most common mistakes when filling the inventory of purchased diesel for agriculture

All farmers who receive state aid in the form of discount on excise duty on diesel are familiar with the procedure and the submission of the relevant documents.

One of these documents is the table with inventory for the purchased diesel for agriculture.

Although the table is in the form of а sample and the columns should be filled with data from the invoices from the suppliers, massive mistakes impede the information processing and delay the payments.
In order to facilitate the process of examining the inventories, The Ministry of Agriculture and Food published a document with the most common errors.


See what to pay close attention to when filling the table:

1. No additional/ extra characters and spaces when filling UIC (column 2 of the table form).

2. Correct invoice number (column 3).

3. Exact date of the document (column 4).

4. No additional / extra characters and spaces when filling the ID number of the supplier (column 5).

5. Put only the value of the tax base, not the total value of the invoice (column 6).

6. Put only the amount of VAT, rather than the total value of the invoice (column 7).

7. The value of the tax base (box 6) and the VAT (box 7) should be written to the nearest whole number, as stated in the invoice (columns 6 and 7).

8. The purchased quantity of diesel should be calculated and stated in liters, not in tonnes or kilograms.


You can download the detailed list about the most common mistakes from the site of MAF.

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