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VOZZi – Your personal assistant on the road

Dieselor’s petrol stations are partners of the new VOZZi mobile application for Bulgaria, connecting drivers with roadside assistance and other additional services related to travel - transportation, repairs, hotel and other expenses. VOZZi provides pre-paid packages for guaranteed mobility in the case of a vehicle problem, operating throughout Europe and the Asian part of Turkey, in the customer's native language.

All you have to do is to scan with your mobile device the unique QR codethat you will find attached in this publication, as well as in every site of Dieselor’s gas station or follow this link.

Scan (or click here), install, register and buy the desired package!

Why to choose VOZZi?

VOZZi offers personal mobility packages that do not require ownership of a specific vehicle. You can even just travel in the vehicle with an available activated package and in the event of an accident, with a few clicks, quickly take advantage of the service.

In case of a problem on the road, you only press the Roadside Assistance button and within a few minutes you see a partner who responds and you track their movements in real time.

The platform is suitable for both individuals and corporate customers with a fleet:

  •  Digital - everywhere with you in your phone.
  • With geolocation of the incident.
  • Profitable – saves money, time and nerves.
  • With coverage for cars up to 7 seats (and all passengers in them), as well as motorcycles.
  • With a wide range of free services included.
  • No distance limit when transporting.
  • Regardless of the reason for lack of mobility - road accident or technical failure.
  • At any time of the day, weekend or holiday, a team of professionals is available to help wherever the users are.
  • Regardless of whether they drive the vehicle or ride in it.
  • Regardless of whether they own the vehicle. Packages are associated with the person, not the vehicle.
  • Regardless of the insurance policy or the ack of it.
  • With Europe-wide coverage and native language support, incl. Bulgarian.
  • With the possibility to purchase additional services through the application, outside the package.
  • Packages are tied to a user and not to a specific car.
  • One user can have three cars or motorcycles active at the same time, which can be added to the profile at any time before the accident.
  • Cars or motorcycles already entered can be changed at any time within the validity of the package.
  • Each package can be upgraded anytime through the app.
  • Packages agreed with corporate clients are transferable between employees in the event of an employee leaving.
  • Validity 12 months from the date of purchase.

Take advantage of the new app - your new best friend on the road now!


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