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How to save fuel?

Many people strive to achieve lower fuel consumption. Here are some of the factors that have influence:

- idling: the frequent starting and stopping in urban conditions increases the fuel consumption. Even just pulling off the road for a 30-second phone call and then turning back in the traffic consumes the same amount of fuel as to turn the engine off and on again. If you are going to stay in one place for a long time, it is better to turn off the engine.

- accelerate and reduce the speed smoothly.

- use a phone or car navigation that tracks traffic in real time and shows you a less busy route.

- free the vehicle from unnecessary luggage and cargo.

- check the tire pressure regularly.

- use the cruise control function to maintain a single speed during long trips.

- park in the shade during the summer so that the air conditioner won't have to catch up afterwards.

- keep the windows closed in order to keep the aerodynamic shape of the car. Driving with the windows open at higher speeds slows down the car.

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