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What should I do to keep the fuel unfrozen in cold weather? I do not want to spend a lot of money on additives but do you think that they are 100% effective?

The most important is the correct storage of the fuel. Preferably, keep it in tanks that are not subject to big temperature variations. This helps not only against the so-called “frost” during winter but also against the formation of condensation in the tank. However, when the fuel is already in the tank of the vehicle and it spends the nights in the open, there is no way to avoid the low temperatures.
The use of additives is a solution, as long as they are appropriate. In fact, at low temperatures (meaning below -15 degrees Celsius, according to our standards) diesel reduces its flowability due to the formation of paraffin compounds. This makes it hard to pass through the filters – this is the so-called “freezing”. Generally, the winter additives prevent the formation of paraffin and improve the durability of the fuel up to a few degrees. Different additives have different effect on fuel but in general, they are useful.