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Double bonus points with Topdiesel

In addition to the numerous advantages of our premium diesel fuel, Topdiesel now brings you double amount of bonus points:

  • when paying on the spot (in cash or by bank card):
    1 l = 1 point for gasoline, diesel and LPG
    1 l=2 points for Topdiesel
  • for credit top-ups (deferred payment):
    1 l=0.1 point (10 l=1 point) for gasoline, diesel and propane-butane
    1 l=0.2 points (10 l=2 points) for Topdiesel

Fuel up with Dieselor Club Card and collect bonus points for big discounts!

You can exchange them for a variety of goods from the store section of Dieselor's gas stations, limited selection goods, discount vouchers! Check out the full options here.

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